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Multipitch rock climbing

We were 'somewhere' on Squamish's Grand Wall.

Multipitch rock climbing rappeling

It was a straightforward climb.

Multipitch abseiling

With a quick and easy descent. Just six simple abseils to the ground.

Night climbing

We didn't need things like jackets or headlamps...


Rock climbing bivi

I re-ascended to the anchor and we settled in for a good nights sleep.

But pretty soon the cold Canadian night persuaded us to move.

Aid climbing technique

With the light from our phone, I aid-climbed up the mystery pitch which we had abseiled down...

Multipitch rock climbing

...for the whole night.

And then we abseiled the right way.

We all make mistakes. Of course, it could have been worse. But it could have been a lot better. If you're not sure whether to pack a headlamp or some warm clothes for that long multi-pitch, just remember this story.

Or at least practise holding a phone in your mouth all night before you go!

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