How To Poop On a Big Wall

So, you want to climb a big wall, but what do you do with your poo?! At popular bigwall destinations, such as Yosemite, it's polite to bag your business and take it to the summit with you. No one wants to find human waste scattered around popular routes, or falling on their head.

You will need some durable plastic bags and a poo tube - a thick piece of PVC pipe. And don't forget your toilet paper..

How to poo on a big wall
Big wall poo tube

Collect your waste in a durable plastic sealable bag.

Sometimes you may need to double-bag...

Store your used bags in your poo tube. Fasten the lid tight.

Add a handful of kitty litter between each bag to keep it smelling fresh.

Take the whole thing to the summit and dispose of it responsibly.


Big wall poop tube

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