Why VDiff Makes Free Stuff

VDiff is a one man band.

I don't receive any grants or funding.

I barely make a profit.

Why VDiff is free

I rely on advertising and the kind donations of climbers to meet my basic running costs (I have a real job too!).

Why VDiff is free

I could set a high price for my e-books and become rich.

But then less people would read them.

Which means less people would learn how to climb safe.

Which would defeat the whole point of VDiff.

Why VDiff is free

So I decided to publish the e-books on a pay-what-you-want basis, therefore making them accessible for everyone.

Why VDiff is free

If VDiff built car parks, they would be free.

Why VDiff is free

If I owned a brewery?

Pay what you want for beer.

Why VDiff is free

An airline?

Pay what you want for a flight to Patagonia.

Why VDiff is free

But I don't own a car park, a brewery or an airline. I'm just a climber who wants people to be safe.

If you've learnt something valuable, please consider making a small donation when you download an e-book. Or maybe send me a nice e-mail. These things motivate me to carry on.

See you out there,


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