Essential Knots: The Girth Hitch

'Essential Knots: The Girth Hitch' is part of the e-book - Sport Climbing Basics.

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The girth hitch (Larksfoot) is used for:
- Attaching slings to your belay loop
- Attaching slings together

Step 1
Feed a sling through your belay loop.

Girth hitch knot rock climbing

Step 2
Put one end of the sling through the other.

Girth hitch rock climbing

Step 3
Pull it tight.

how to tie a girth hitch rock climbing

Strop Bend
You can also link two slings together using these same steps. Arrange the girth hitch as shown to create a strop bend. This is basically a neater version of the girth hitch.

larksfoot knot rock climbing

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