How To Attach a Belay Device

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When the climber has tied in to one end of the rope, the belayer must attach their belay device to the other end of the rope and also to their harness. The following description assumes you will be doing a 'top rope' climb. The setup is different for lead climbing.

Step 1
Push a loop of rope through one of the slots on the device. There are two slots on most devices, it doesn't matter which one you use.

Rock climbing belay device

Step 2
Clip a screwgate carabiner to your belay loop.

Rock climbing belay device atc

Step 3
Clip the screwgate carabiner through the rope loop and also through the cable on the belay device. It is important to clip through both of these.

Rock climbing belay device and carabiner

Step 4
Fasten up the screw on your screwgate carabiner.

Rock climbing belay device on harness

Some belay devices have extra 'friction' notches on them. You should make sure that the notches are on the same side as the 'brake rope'. These notches just provide extra help in holding a fall.

Rock climbing belay device carabiner harness

Safety Check: Have You Attached Your Belay Device Correctly?

Rock Climbing Infographic: Have you clipped your belay device to the rope correctly?

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