The Double Fisherman’s Bend

"Essential Knots: The Double Fisherman's Bend" is part of the book - Trad Climbing Basics.

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The double fisherman's bend is used to tie two ends of equal diameter cord together to make a prusik or cordelette. It can also be used as an alternative to the overhand to join ropes for abseiling.

Step 1
Loop one end of the cord around the other end twice, then push the end through these loops.

double fishermans prusik knot

Step 2
Pull it tight. Make sure the tails are at least ten times the diameter of the cord (5cm tails for 5mm cord).

how to tie double fishermans prusik knot

Step 3
Do the same with the other end of the cord.

double fishermans knot

Step 4
Pull it all tight so that the two knots jam together. It is important that the double fisherman’s bend is fastened tightly.

how to tie a double fishermans knot

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Triple Fisherman's Bend
Some cord or rope may be too slick or stiff for the double fisherman's to work. In this case, try adding an extra loop to each side of the cord to make a triple fisherman's bend.

triple fishermans knot

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