The Water (Tape) Knot

'How To Tie a Water Knot' is part of the book - Trad Climbing Basics.

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The water (tape) knot is useful for joining flat or tubular webbing of equal width.

how to tie climbing slings together

How To Tie the Water Knot

Step 1
Tie a loose overhand knot near one end of the webbing.

how to tie climbing webbing together

Step 2
Thread the other end into the knot as shown.

tie climbing webbing together tape knot water knot

Step 3
Retrace the original knot, making sure it lies flat at all times.

how to tie a tape knot

Step 4
Cinch the knot tight. The tails should be at least 10cm long.

how to tie a water knot

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The water knot should never be used to join:
- Dyneema webbing
- Any webbing of unequal width
- Rope/cord to webbing

In these cases, the knot is very weak and prone to slipping.

The water knot can untie itself over time with repeated loading and unloading. Make sure the knot is tight and the tails are at least 10cm long each time you use it.

Some climbers duck-tape the tails to keep them neat and to help prevent creeping. If you do this, leave the ends of the webbing in view so you can see them.

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