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Tape gloves protect your hands when crack climbing. There are many different ways to make tape gloves. The method described below provides a durable glove which protects well, but it covers the palm, which may make face climbing a little more awkward.

More tape is better for wider cracks, whereas thinner cracks require less. For routes which only have short crack sections, you’re probably better off without gloves.

Step 1
Starting on your palm, wrap the tape around your hand twice as shown.

Spread your fingers wide so you don’t make the glove too tight.

how to make tape gloves for rock climbing

Step 2
Using thinner strips (split the tape in half), wrap loops around each finger and your thumb.

making tape gloves for crack climbing
tape gloves for crack climbing

Step 3
Repeat step 1, but continue wrapping tape down to your wrist.

how to make tape gloves for crack climbing

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When you’ve finished climbing, cut the tape on the inside of your wrist and peel the glove off (shave your hands if necessary to make this less painful).

You can now re-use the gloves by adding a wrap around the wrist to hold them on. Some climbers also use spray adhesive to help re-used gloves stick.

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